Technology is always changing. New tools seem to appear every week, making it difficult to determine what tech is best for your small business. Download our infographic for the most popular and effective business technology solutions.

The top tech tools for small businesses include: mobile, cloud, customer relationship management (CRM) and security.

It should be no surprise that mobile technology is prevalent.

  • 80% of small business owners use a mobile device at least once a day.
  • 56% use it for communication and scheduling
  • 30% take notes and create to-do lists
  • 29% check social media
  • 24% bank online

Despite the popularity of mobile tech, 31% of small businesses do not have mobile-friendly websites!

Customer relationship management (CRM) is seen as a priority, but only 29% use a CRM system.

Owners’ top customer concerns are:

  • 56% want to improve customer experience and retention
  • 45% want to invest in new customer acquisition

The cloud is catching on with entrepreneurs.

92% use at least one cloud-based solution, and 52% use cloud-based storage. What are their top reasons?

  • 48% say the cloud is cost-effective
  • 45% say it’s flexible
  • 43% say it’s easy to use
  • 39% say it improves business agility
  • 32% say it’s secure

60% of cybercrime attacks are against small businesses, so better data security is needed.

  • Only 50% protect their internet data
  • Less than 50% have email security
  • 20% have network security encryption
  • 9% have mobile security

63% of small business owners are overwhelmed with the number of technologies available. Need help deciding your business tech needs? Connect with a SCORE mentor


Infographic: How Can Technology Help My Small Business?

Infographic: How Can Technology Help My Small Business?