In this podcast, SCORE mentors chat with marketing expert Barbara Langdon about making your social media marketing efforts more effective for your small business.

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What we're going to be talking about today is the five major platforms, social media platforms, for small business. There are a bazillion of these guys, but these are the five platforms that are most applicable to most small companies. That's why I focus on them. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Then we are also going to talk about creating and curating content. It's all about the content. I want to do a little contextual stuff first before we dive into social media.

What is the value of social media? One is we all want to be found online, right? We also want to build relationships with people we already know, and we want to meet new people, and build relationships with them too. Two very distinct strategies for online marketing, I'm going to be talking much more on the building the relationship side. The getting the found side is much more about SEO, and being on directories. Happy to answer questions about that, but we're going to be talking more about content, and engaging people, and getting connected with people.

I get the question everyday, "Barbara, I have a Facebook page, I'm doing all this other stuff, do I still need a website?" How many people think you still need a website? Just about everybody. I would agree with you. I was having a conversation with a millennial, do we have millennials in the room? We have a few. Websites are passe to those folks. I still think they're central to an online strategy, cause we control that space, and we tell our whole story just the way we want it, in an organized and complete way, right? Then we want to build that repeat referral engine, email is the best way to stay connected with existing customers. Particularly here, we have seasonal people, they come and go. Email is critical.

We do have to be visible online and socially, because a couple things. We want to make it easy for the people who love us to refer us, that's what social media, Facebook, Twitter is all about, right? Then we also want to use all of this media to build relationships, and stay in touch with folks. Depending upon who you read, it takes seven, 10, 12 touches before someone's willing to buy from you, right? All of these things. Someone goes to your Facebook page, they see a post, they see a tweet, they get an email, those are all touches that are getting you closer to that relationship.

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