It is our mission to assist people of all demographics, regardless of work, education, or background; develop and succeed at their education and career goals through self-marketing, career coaching, and group or individual training. Career Construction is dedicated to assisting our Builders (clients) with accomplishing their education and career goals through training and self-marketing. At Career Construction we are passionate about our works, and we want you to be passionate about yours also! 

We all have a responsibility to put forth our best efforts. At Career Construction, we focus on helping our Builders develop themselves into the best of what they desire to be.  We always ask, "Does your résumé look as good as you?" The most talented and qualified people may be overlooked because they are not marketing themselves in the best manner. A great résumé will land you an interview and a great interview will land you a job offer!

My Background:

For more than 15 years, Shea Jefferson has provided coaching and résumé writing services as a hobby. While working in local government, she decided to turn her passion into a business. She had years of proven success coaching friends and family so, why not? She earned a Master’s degree in Human Resources Leadership, certifications in Career Coaching, Interview Training, and Résumé Writing and in 2011 she created Career Construction. CC, as she likes to call her business, assists career seekers, volunteers, non-profits, and employers with employment, training, and educational goals. 

Shea believes everyone has something great to offer. She also understands that not everyone has found that greatness in themselves. She has a way of seeing the potential and motivating others to develop their skill sets.  Since starting Career Construction, she has assisted clients in more than ten states. She brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm and dedication which makes her a Chief Motivational Officer!


(LEGACY -- DO NOT USE) My Challenges 

“Wearing many hats. I have a strong support system, and as the business continues to grow, I find I need people in place to handle certain business aspects. The time it takes me to complete certain tasks could be completed in a fraction of the time by someone who is well versed in that area. I'm learning to implement more systems and outsource certain tasks. When it comes to outsourcing, I want to be sure I'm working with those who understand the vision. Career Construction is not just a hobby for me.  I'm walking in my purpose.”

How SCORE helped. 

"I'd hit a wall and needed someone to talk me through the next phase of my business. I found the motivation to level up after meeting with my SCORE mentors. They connected me with other organizations and increased my network.”

Career Construction