What would you do if you had a successful business in California and had to start all over as you moved to Tennessee?  Well, Kelly had to figure this out. She had to educate local consumers on what she does, overcome misperceptions (she’ll make me get rid of everything, it’s too expensive) and reestablish a network here.  Not an easy task for any business.  Kelly had used SCORE services in another state for another business, so one of her contacts was to the local SCORE chapter in Chattanooga where she received assistance in reopening/moving the business to TN.  She came to that first meeting with a long list of questions and her Mentors were able to assist and direct her as needed.  She is grateful for the guidance she received.

To what does she attribute her company’s success? Answer: Integrity, hard work, understanding of organizing principles and processes, ability to problem solve and create custom solutions, genuine desire to change peoples’ lives in a real and tangible way, project management skills, background in teaching and transferring skills, and more.

What Is Inspired Organizing?

Simply put: Inspired Organizing, LLC offers services such as clutter control, maximizing storage spaces, simplifying and downsizing, streamlining paper flow, custom projects, and assistance before, during, or after a move or renovation. Organizing services are available for clients’ closets, garages, kitchens, pantries, living spaces, bathrooms, bedrooms, laundry rooms, entryways, home offices, storage units, and more.

She also teaches workshops in the Chattanooga area - Home Organizing 101 and Streamlining Paper Flow in the Home. She alternates those so each one comes around every two months. They are held in different locations and she charges a nominal fee since it is an interactive hands-on workshop where you leave with supplies.  (Check events page on Facebook for schedule)

My Mission

I am a creative professional who believes life is short and we are each responsible for embracing the changes necessary to live an authentic life. My genuine, optimistic, and empathetic style will motivate you to gain control of your environment and schedule. I will lead and encourage you, in a non-judgmental fashion, to transform your life by creating a vision, setting goals, and working together to directly impact your life right now – whatever your current situation. Soon you will enjoy more peace and mobility and have new-found time and freedom to pursue your passions!

My Background

Two powerful truths have emerged from my many years since graduate school. One, I am an entrepreneur at my core and owning my own business fulfills and gratifies my soul. Two, I am created to inspire others to pursue what they are passionate about. I desire to make a difference in this world by directly impacting people’s lives in a real and tangible way. I believe one of our most valuable assets is time, and as a Professional Organizer, I want to work alongside people to simplify and streamline their life so they have more time for what matters most to them.  

I have a Master’s Degree in Audiology and practiced for many years in many settings. I also pursued other interests including other professions and owning several businesses. I have been everything from a Wrangler on a dude ranch to a Professional Photographer to a Rehabilitation Instructor for the Blind and Visually Impaired. One of my favorite careers was working as an Assistive Technology Specialist where I worked every day with people with disabilities. I spent time with each unique individual exploring their challenges, goals, and aspirations and, in the end, implemented custom solutions that allowed them to live and work independently and successfully.

Although I was born and raised in Georgia, my passion for mountains and cool weather have always been intense. I moved, as an adult with just my dog as my companion, across the country several times including the states of Alabama, Wyoming, North Carolina, Oregon, Montana, and Tennessee. When I met the love of my life, my husband Dave, we didn’t stay still long. We moved from Tennessee to Oregon to Washington to Florida to California and now back to Tennessee! I obviously have personal experience with moving, but also with downsizing. During a recent move, we sold our 2800 sq. ft. home on an acre of land in Florida to land in a 974 sq. ft. apartment in California!

Whatever your current situation - whether you are moving, downsizing, simplifying, or going through a life change (change of career, getting married, getting divorced, adding children or pets, starting a business, moving your parents, etc.) - I am waiting to hear from you! Let’s partner together to transform your environment, schedule, and life!

Inspired Organizing, LLC