JerMichael Terrell Hundley started mowing lawns around the neighborhood at age 13 and built up his lawn maintenance business over the years until he was tragically robbed and killed over a Polo shirt in Virginia in the year 2013 at the age of 17. As a tribute to her late son — and as an entrepreneurial venture of her own after serving eight years in the U.S. Army — Hundley's mother, Shawna Nicole Kyle, decided to start her own lawn maintenance and mowing business out of her Eastdale home. She named the venture for her son with his initials JTH Enterprises, and she used his favorite colors — purple, black and gray — the horse is in representation of her son getting killed over a Polo Shirt and the Black Diamond is what he wore in his ear, on the corporate logo and on the front of the "Boss Lady" mower she uses to cut grass. Shawna Nicole Kyle also does construction, remodeling house, which she has been doing for 18yrs and is really her passion. Helping the elderly, veterans, and low-income families to have yards and homes look beautiful at affordable prices is her key gold. Pure quality services to her customers are her golds.
The business has grown to four employees, and Kyle is hoping to expand with what she learned from UTC's Veterans Entrepreneurship Program and the financial backing she got from a $10,000 Idea Leap loan from the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union. "The loan really helped me to buy new and bigger lawn mowers and expand the business when I first got started," she said.
The biggest challenge of running a small business that I have ran across is finding good reliable, honest people to work, be on-time, and listen to me, so that we can get the job completed at the customer’s request. The other issue that I have faced is finances; not having enough revenue to pay my employees due to customers not staying true to their contracts (paying the ½ up front, but then not having the money at the completion of the job) and not having enough money at the start of my business to really start the business. I’m still struggle with the finance part of the business due to the same issues. But I’m building up my clientele, so it’s starting to work out now.
I really wanted to launch my business, live out me and my sons dream, but I didn’t have any money, didn’t know how to get any funding. So, I was doing research on line and I ran across a free program called SCORE and I really wanted to be successful in my business and live out my son’s dream. So, I called SCORE for help and it worked; they got me started.

JTH Enterprises, LLC (Shawna Nicole Kyle)