Wanda founded W FACTORS in 2016 to help individuals and families organize, downsize and stage homes. With over 30 years of creative marketing experience and extensive community service in Chattanooga, she combines her passions for helping people and overseeing creative projects through W FACTORS. As the youngest grandchild on both sides of her family, Wanda has been through countless transitions with multiple generations of relatives and friends.  She understands the value of aging in place as well as selecting appropriate independent living spaces, assisted living facilities, and skilled care settings.

W FACTORS offers home organization, downsizing strategies, staging for home sales, speaking and program planning, and living space designs. The first meeting with a potential client begins with a free 60-minute session – preferably in the home where W FACTORS will be put to work! Potential clients are met with a listening ear. Every situation is different.

When someone decides to become a W FACTORS client, time is devoted to defining goals and objectives for the upcoming project(s). Services are specifically designed to meet each client’s needs. Fees are set according to the expertise needed and the amount of time required to complete the work. Hourly rates are usually established, but some clients choose package prices that include amenities such as packing supplies, shopping services, and discounted moving services.

W FACTORS was founded upon the premise that Less is More and Organization is Essential for good mental and physical health.  Many people are financially overstretched and their homes are overstuffed! Often older adults want to downsize - but they are overwhelmed by too much stuff! W FACTORS helps individuals/families of all ages discover that Less Is More - resulting in living happier with less and resisting the urge to buy more stuff! 

W FACTORS Services:

  • Declutter and organize home furnishings
  • Sort, pack and label items
  • Arrange for items to be donated
  • Make referrals to resale vendors
  • Supply real estate information
  • Interior designs & furniture layouts including planning for older adults and others with special needs
  • Provide information about independent, assisted living, and skilled care facilities
  • Referrals to professionals trained to aid with facilities selections
  • Provide resources for legal services
  • Moving company selection
  • Arrange for cable, TV, Wifi and telephone services


With numerous contacts for needed resources, Wanda is active in the Senior Care Network for professionals providing healthcare services. She enjoys public speaking and owns Avenues for Aging, a division of W FACTORS that presents programs about legal, financial and long-term care solutions for senior adults.  Wanda received a journalism/public relations degree from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville; was Director of Public Relations for Erlanger Medical Center; has volunteered and worked for Hospice of Chattanooga; has served as a board member for the Northside Neighborhood House; was a Realtor with the Fletcher Bright Company; and worked for First Things First in recent years.

The ongoing challenges associated with operating W FACTORS have been related to accounting practices and staffing. She has two contract assistants who help with QuickBooks and hands on packing services on an as needed basis.  Early on she contacted SCORE to help her lay the foundation and establish a business plan for W FACTORS. As part of the process she received advice from SCORE about licensing, taxes, and liability insurance as well as bookkeeping.  SCORE provided marketing programs that helped her with ideas for marketing via social media platforms and getting started with human resources management issues associated with running her own business.